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Sports in Forsyth-Monroe County have always played a significant part in our community's success. Whether it be instilling the value of hard work or creating fine young men and women, sports have always brought us together as a community. 

The purpose of the Forsyth-Monroe County Sports Hall of Fame is to honor the rich tradition of sports excellence in Monroe County, Georgia. We will do this by recognizing individuals and teams who have made significant and outstanding contributions to sports in our community. We will also support and promote current and future sporting activities in a way that brings positive recognition to our community.


Gold Sponsor 

  • $1000 includes 8 banquet tickets, full page ad in program and signage at the banquet

Silver Sponsor  

  • $500 includes 4 banquet tickets, half page ad in the banquet program, and signage at the banquet

Bronze Sponsor

  • $250 includes 2 banquet tickets, 1/4 page ad in banquet program and signage at the banquet


  • $100 Name listed in program

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